Our interviewers are an integral part of Logit’s field operations team, and Courtney MacNeil’s goal is to make sure they have the tools to thrive in their roles.

“We want everyone to have a positive experience working at Logit,” she says, “providing what they need to be successful and happy.”

Courtney joined Logit in 2017 out of Kentville, Nova Scotia, and remains on the East Coast as Coordinator, Recruitment & Retention, overseeing training sessions and expanding the team’s footprint in Canada, the United States and abroad.

“My previous experiences as an interviewer and team lead allow me to onboard new members and give them an accurate sense of what the role entails,” she says.

Courtney has also played a key role in transitioning our field operations team to a remote environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We reacted relatively quickly and were able to convert operations to a work-from-home based model successfully,” she says, “which really showed that we were not only going to get through these challenging times but be all the better for it as a team.”

Courtney considers herself a people person and relishes the opportunity to be the first touchpoint for new members of the Logit team.

“That initial experience is so important to get right,” she says, “and I love being in a position to not only make a positive first impression, but to be that guiding voice as we retain top talent.”

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