With a decade of experience in qualitative research, Daniel Rolfe is acutely aware of the frenetic pace and intricacies of running successful qual projects.

Now as a Project Manager at Logit, Daniel embraces how the elements of well-executed qualitative research come together.

“Our project questions are reactive, but also forward-thinking,” he says, “and getting to see the stories and narratives that are built out of those initial questions is always rewarding.”

Daniel’s background in qual has also served him well when working on CATI-based projects, as there are similarities in the tempo and technique of those methodologies.

“Phone-based qualitative research may seem like an old-school methodology,” he says, “but the more our clients learn about it and observe the layers involved in keeping it up-to-date and relevant, the more they see the value in it.”

Regardless of the methodology, discovering what makes the projects work — and what innovative applications can make them work best — is what motivates Daniel each day.

“I’ve always been interested in the technology behind the studies,” he says, “and I bring that passion to each of the projects I work on.”

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