John Wulff has always been excited about what numbers can tell us, and he found a home for his skill set in the market research industry, with Logit.

“The most successful people are the most inquisitive,” says our Senior Vice President, Business Development, “they have a passion for diligence and excitement for metrics.”

John instantly knew that Logit did things differently when he joined the team in 2008. He loved the work he was doing and has become loyal to the company and the people with whom he works.

John takes a “humans first” approach with both colleagues and clients alike, understanding that each project represents a hard-earned client relationship and leverages and shares experience to ensure the client is prepared and positioned for success. 

“Telling the truth is very important,” he says, adding the best way to do this is to “speak from a place of caring, ownership and commitment.”

For John, the proof is in the output. “We’re in the information business,” he says, “which means we have to work at a very detailed level when it comes to data collection.”

That means asking the right questions, making decisions with cost certainty, and shaping the opportunities you’re given.

“We do wonderful work that makes a real difference,” John says, ‘and that’s something to be proud of.”

To learn more about John’s work or how Logit can help with your next project, contact us today.