From dentistry to dog food, market research offers Marcus Puleghini the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics.

“We read thousands of responses a day,” he says, “and every day you gain knowledge about something different.”

Marcus got his start as a telephone interviewer in 2011, and soon after became interested in the coding aspect of the industry. He quickly worked his way up in the department, becoming Coding Manager in 2018.

“As a manager, I always try to stay flexible and do things how I would like to have seen them done when I was a team member,” he says, “and any changes I implement are to make my team feel more comfortable.”

With the rise of artificial intelligence and programs that accelerate the coding process by inputting and analyzing data at the outset of a project, Marcus has an idea of where the industry is headed, and that forward-thinking mindset helps him be successful.

“Everything is way faster now, including the expectations of our clients,” he says, “but being able to stay ahead of those expectations and deliver value is what sets us apart.”

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