Discover Logit’s Focus Group Capabilities

2022-11-16T16:45:21+00:00June 21, 2022|Methodology|

Logit's global network of focus group facilities and online focus group platforms allow for access anywhere. Focus groups are incredibly important to what we do, as they offer a unique opportunity to create discussions and collaboration amongst respondents while building on each other’s opinions and ideas. Body language & voice [...]

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Logit’s Business to Business Research Services

2022-11-16T16:49:23+00:00May 17, 2022|Business, Methodology|

The Logit Group has access to a vast array of business to business professionals across diverse industry backgrounds, including key IT and business decision makers. Logit offers a complete range of online, phone and in-person research execution services, providing clients with access to B2B and hard-to-reach audiences. Our ITDM panel [...]

Choose Logit For All Your Consumer Research Needs

2022-11-16T16:50:32+00:00May 17, 2022|Methodology, Technology|

The Logit Group’s consumer audience is a community developed for researchers by researchers; we understand the importance of profiling, segmentation and representative sample. Whether your preferred methodology is online, phone or in-person, we have the experience to give you access to the insights you’re looking for. Our genpop panel — [...]