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CEO Declaration of Compliance with ISO 20252:2019

  Not Offered Offered directly or through the use of contractors
Annex A Sampling including access panels: Offers sampling services such as the design and/or provision of probability or non- probability samples.   X
Annex B Fieldwork: offers quantitative or qualitative using fieldworkers/moderators.   X
Annex C – Physical Observation: offers data collection through observation, whether in person or by video, such as behaviour, habits, activities, relations, expressed opinions or performance of individuals or groups without the use of direct questioning and undertaken in the physical environment (excluding online observation). X  
Annex D - Digital Observation: offers data collection through passive methodologies such as the use of website analytics or device monitoring. X  
Annex E - Self-completion: offers data collection using self-completion methodologies with or without the use of panels (on or offline).   X
Annex F - Data management and process: offers data management and processing services such as data cleansing, coding, production of data tables and data analysis.   X

I declare that based on my knowledge and having exercised reasonable diligence, The Logit Group, Inc has reviewed the requirements of ISO 20252:2019 and I declare that it complies with the core requirements of section 4 and the Annexes for the services that it offers directly or through the use of contractors as noted in the table above.

Name of CEO: Sam Pisani

Signature of CEO:

Sam Pisani signature

Date: December 15, 2022