Michael Churcher: A passion for technology and problem solving

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When Michael Churcher got his start with Logit in 1995, the company had two computers, and there was no IT department to speak of at all. Now as Vice President, Information Technology, he understands the overall machine - perhaps more than any Logit team member. “I literally built the machine,” [...]

Hamish Brailey: Increased efficiency, better experience

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For more than 25 years, Hamish Brailey has been all about problem solving and delivering top-quality solutions from the field operations side of market research. “Resolving issues, developing new processes and figuring out new ways to execute our work, those are the things I enjoy most,” he says. While the [...]

Alisha Abji: Providing the tools for success

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As Human Resources Manager, Alisha Abji’s role is overarching, supporting every department and being an ally for staff and management. “I aim to empower everyone in their roles and ensure they have the tools to be successful,” she says, “while constantly looking for ways to make improvements.” Alisha joined Logit [...]