Michael Churcher: A passion for technology

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When Michael Churcher got his start with Logit in 1995, the company had two computers, and there was no IT department to speak of at all. Now as Vice President, Information Technology, he understands the overall machine - perhaps more than any Logit team member. “I literally built the machine,” [...]

Are Canadians considering electric vehicles?

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A significant number of Canadians are considering purchasing an electric vehicle in the next year, a number which would be boosted by the availability of provincial and federal rebates.  December 3, 2020: The Federal Government’s recent fiscal update committed to spend $150 million over three years to build new electric [...]

Is live sports on TV important to Canadians

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One-half of Canadians are passionate about watching live professional sports on TV, while a third say watching live sports on TV are not important at all.    December 1, 2020: In our most recent survey, we asked Canadians how important is it for them to be able to watch live sports [...]

Canadian pet owners increase during pandemic

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November 27, 2020: Since the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an increase in pet ownership, with adoption rates rising as people stay home. Results from our research confirm that of current pet owners, a significant portion have obtained a pet since the pandemic started (18%). Overall, over one-half of Canadians [...]

Oscar Fernandes on international CSAT projects

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We're highlighting the expertise of Oscar Fernandes, VP of Sales & Client Services at Logit. Oscar has been with us for six years and carries over 25 years of experience in Market Research. Here are his insights on international Voice-of-Customer/CSAT projects: Depending on the project requirements, while utilizing various methodologies [...]

Canadians mixed about drug decriminalization

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November 26 2020: In light of changes recently made to certain American states’ rules around the criminality of possession of certain hard drugs, we asked Canadians in our recent survey whether they would support or oppose such a change to decriminalize hard drugs north of the border. Support is mixed, [...]

Canadians supportive of Daylight Savings Time

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November 24, 2020: There has been ongoing discussion across the country regarding the possible elimination of the bi-annual time changes that are observed in nearly all provinces, and results from our most recent survey show that there would be wide support for making such a change. Across the country, the [...]

Logit Group Awarded 2020 Marketing TechAward

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August 21, 2020 The Logit Group awarded 2020 Sales and Marketing Technology Award Toronto, Ontario. The Logit Group has been awarded the 2020 Sales and Marketing Technology (Sammy) Award for its work advancing insights through technological innovation, namely its multi-modal interviewing platform, as well as its Votified real-time voter research [...]