Weathering COVID-19 – Business Development Strategy During a Difficult Time

2020-05-13T16:52:36+00:00May 13, 2020|Business, Information, Marketing, Methodology, Technology|

I often thought the world would be a much better place if all politicians were, by law, required to have a history degree. The relevant knowledge and trends they could draw from to help shape insights, process and a successful path forward would really serve us all. As researchers, this [...]

Keeping Your Market Research Data Safe and Secure

2020-03-02T15:27:39+00:00March 2, 2020|Business, Information, Marketing, Methodology, Technology|

Market research companies are faced with varying challenges and security threats when it comes to protecting their data. Over the last two years, there have been many breaches exposing millions of data records as cybercriminals have been targeting both the public and private sectors. According to IBM’s 2019 Cost of [...]

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