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COVID-19: Business Continuity

To all of our friends & colleagues,

In light of the current COVID-19 virus, we are carefully monitoring the situation by following national and global updates and implementing measures to ensure our employees’ well being, in addition to ensuring reliable business continuity.

We have not experienced any significant impact to our business operations to date. Our employees are based throughout North America and are equipped to work from a remote location. We are also working diligently to limit any potential impact to our clients and vendors.

Effective immediately we have implemented the following protocols:

•          Business travel restrictions until further notice

•          Leveraging virtual and/or teleconference meetings

•          Cancelling large group gatherings until further notice

•          Ensuring national Public Health agencies’ best practices are being followed at all of our offices (including call centers)

•          Secure technology in place for employees to work from home if necessary (including call centers)

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Thank you,

Sam Pisani
Anthony Molinaro
Paul Molinaro
Managing Partners

The Logit Group

Paul Izzo Joins the Logit Group

Toronto, ON, March 10th, 2020

Paul Izzo joins The Logit Group Inc.

The Logit Group, one of North America’s largest independently owned market research execution and data collection firms is pleased to announce that Paul Izzo has joined the team as Vice President, Sales & Business Development.

In his new role, Paul will be responsible for increasing Logit’s client base in the US marketplace as well as overseeing new and strategic sales and growth initiatives.

“It’s with great enthusiasm that we welcome Paul Izzo to the Logit team”, said Managing Partner, Anthony Molinaro. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul over the years and his professionalism and client first attitude makes him a tremendous resource to both our team and our clients.  His hand on approach to projects gives him a unique perspective on things and allows him to develop innovative solutions to complex data execution problems.  As we focus on our continued growth in the US, Paul will serve as an integral part of that expansion.”

Prior to joining the Logit Group, Paul recently served as Executive VP for Directions in Research, where he held the title since 1999.

“I am really looking forward to working with the team at Logit,” Says Paul.  “Logit has a phenomenal track record in the research space, and with the resources and capabilities that they bring to the table it’ll allow me to further enhance the portfolio of solutions I’m able to deliver to my clients.”

Headquartered in Toronto, with offices across North America, Logit is widely regarded as one of the top innovators in research execution services, combining a highly experienced team with a unique mix of innovative and proven approaches to solve complex data collection needs for their clients.

Web site: www.logitgroup.com


Keeping Your Market Research Data Safe and Secure

Market research companies are faced with varying challenges and security threats when it comes to protecting their data. Over the last two years, there have been many breaches exposing millions of data records as cybercriminals have been targeting both the public and private sectors. According to IBM’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average cost of a data breach worldwide is $3.9 million. For the United States, that number soars to $7.91 million.

Shane Graph1


The burden of responsibility is widening as many international regulators are now holding organizations liable for any privacy or security breaches. As custodians of sensitive client data, market research companies have a responsibility to minimize the security risk for data both in motion and at rest.

Data in motion, as its name suggests, refers to information being moved from one location to another across the internet, along networks, or from storage devices or the cloud. Protection methods are particularly critical because this data in transit tends to be thought of as less secure than data at rest, which is information simply stored or archived on hard drives, devices, or networks.

Protecting data is critical not only for its own obvious sake, but also to reassure potential survey participants who might be apprehensive about participating in your market research project due to being aware of recent data breaches in other sectors.

Some recommended measures to be implemented include:

• providing staff with cybersecurity tools to ensure ongoing compliance with best practice policies and procedures;
• lowering risk exposure by implementing technology such as intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion protection systems (IPS), honeypots, and firewalls;
• regularly monitoring and auditing security procedures to meet developing cyber threats;
• implementing detailed security policies that entail procedures, rules, and roles so all staff members understand that data privacy and security are priorities (e.g. policies like handling procedures, usage, privacy, social media, and user responsibilities);
• keeping informed with all cyber-threat news, updates, and applicable security patches;
• investing in data-breach or cyber-security insurance; and
• conducting penetration testing—also known as “ethical hacking,” this the practice of testing a computer system or network to find security vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Perhaps one of the most important data security recommendations comes down to always ensuring you are working with people whose approaches and practices you can trust. The Logit Group is continually implementing new measures that comply with industry best practices and address client concerns and requirements about data security and privacy while adhering to data protection laws.


Forbes graph: https://www.statista.com/chart/9918/the-price-tag-attached-to-data-breaches/

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About Shane Scott

Shane Scott has over 17 years of notable success leading a broad range of corporate and government IT initiatives while participating in the planning, analysis, and implementation of solutions in support of business objectives. As the Logit System Administrator and Support Specialist, Shane has been championed to enhance the Security, Infrastructure and System administration as the company growth continues.