Canadians’ Preference In The Us Presidential Election

2020-10-23T17:39:52+00:00October 23, 2020|Business, Information, Media|

Among Canadian adults, there is overwhelming support for Joe Biden in the upcoming American presidential election. At least three-quarters of Canadians in each of the country’s five regions would prefer Biden. October 23, 2020 CANADIANS’ PREFERENCE IN THE US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION There is massive support for Democrat Joe Biden among [...]

The Importance of Validating Online Voter Respondents

2020-10-07T14:30:07+00:00October 7, 2020|Business, Information, Media, Methodology, Technology|

With a little less than a month until the 2020 US presidential election, political polling is in full swing across the country. Phone centers are at or near capacity trying to keep up with political polling demand, and online panel sources are being utilized at a higher frequency for political [...]