When Clare Harrigan was 16 years old, she was a part-time market research interviewer. Fast forward to today and she is leading the revolution of MR technology, while supporting other women in the field. For Clare, being a trendsetter, a mentor, and an account manager is just a typical day’s work. 

When a recruiter referred her to Logit Group in 2005, Clare’s passion and skill were evident from the start. Under the mentorship of Logit’s Managing Partners, Sam Pisani and Anthony Molinaro, she rose from Project Manager to Director of Client Services, to her current role of Account Manager. 

But for Clare, her position at Logit is much more than just a job.

“Logit is unique in that it’s been the same players all this time getting better,” she says. “We’re growing together and getting stronger as a team.” The strength of the team is just one of the standout factors of the company for Clare; her colleagues are truly like teammates, all working towards the same goal, pushing each other to achieve their best.

“It’s the whole idea of front-of-the-jersey versus the back-of-the-jersey,” she insists, subscribing to the philosophy that a real team plays for the name they share on the front of their kit, rather than the individual names printed on the back. 

And Logit is a team she loves representing; every day new research challenges arise, and she knows she has the support to face head-on. 

In her own portfolio, Clare’s concentrates on legacy house accounts, while also working as part of the sales team. “Clients come to me for bids and quotes; I help set up studies, stay on project to make sure it runs well, and then support billing at the end,” she explains. 

“Every day is different, every client comes with an exposure to new things, it is never just one standard project.” 

It’s that variety of work that keeps Clare motivated, along with her core client base, with whom she’s developed strong relationships. “I have clients who come to me as a trusted source of advice,” she says, adding that she’s proud of the fact she has “repeat clients.”

Beyond the day-to-day work, Clare is also interested in the future of market research. She recently became involved participating in Women in Research (WIRe) events, making herself available to the growing amount of women in the industry. 

She is also looking ahead to being exposed to new trends in market research, including artificial intelligence and other evolving methodologies. All the while, supporting and being supported by her Logit teammates. 

“I haven’t wanted to look elsewhere,” she says.

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