Discover Logit’s Focus Group Capabilities

Logit’s global network of focus group facilities and online focus group platforms allow for access anywhere.

Focus groups are incredibly important to what we do, as they offer a unique opportunity to create discussions and collaboration amongst respondents while building on each other’s opinions and ideas. Body language & voice tone of the respondent can often play an important role in research.

Our methodologies include general focus group recruiting — both online and offline — as well as bulletin boards.

Bulletin board focus groups give respondents the ability to log on at their leisure and provide feedback over a set period of days, weeks, or months. This allows for greater geographic reach and longer, more in-depth transcripts than any other qualitative methodology.

Logit always recruits from vetted databases. We use a selection of seasoned interviewers who screen and vet each respondent, with multiple points of contact from interviewers. We handle all aspects of recruitment from screening to scheduling to reminders to incentive handling.

To learn more about our focus group services, reach out to our bids team.

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