When Michael Churcher got his start with Logit in 1995, the company had two computers, and there was no IT department to speak of at all.

Now as Vice President, Information Technology, he understands the overall machine – perhaps more than any Logit team member.

“I literally built the machine,” he says, “from the initial data entry databases to our first CATI platform to the entire IT infrastructure.”

That hands-on familiarity allows Michael to speak both MR and IT “languages”, allowing for the opportunity to bridge the gap between the technical and non-technical sides of Logit, internally and externally.

“As we grow, my experience and intimate knowledge of both MR and technology helps guide my team to develop solutions from both a technical and researcher perspective.”

Michael’s passion for technology and problem solving is a big reason why Logit is at the forefront of innovation in market research, with a vast array of forward-thinking products and services that he helped bring to life.

“Being in a role where I’m expected to find solutions is gratifying,” he says, “and I’m always looking forward and trying to anticipate what’s next.”

Michael puts a lot of his focus nowadays on the privacy and security realms of market research.

“Our responsibility as a data collection company is to protect the integrity of customer data and the personal information of consumers,” he says, “and to maintain a high level of trust for the industry.”

With a constantly shifting marketplace and new technological challenges every day, Michael still takes the time to appreciate aspects of the role – and the industry – that have remained the same since he started.

“People have a lot to say, and they want to be heard. That is a constant, he says. “Regardless of changing times or technologies, there will always be a place for market research.”

“As MR innovators, it’s up to us to ensure we can capture those voices and get the data into the hands of decision makers.”

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