We’re highlighting the expertise of Oscar Fernandes, VP of Sales & Client Services at Logit. Oscar has been with us for six years and carries over 25 years of experience in Market Research.

Here are his insights on international Voice-of-Customer/CSAT projects:

Depending on the project requirements, while utilizing various methodologies (online, phone, on-site) we are limited to logistical issues, cultural influences and customer databases. Consider regional dialects and languages when using face-to-face in particular.

Overall data collection budget may be an issue when using phone or on-site. Transitioning to online is more cost efficient, assuming a customer list exists with sufficient sample ratio.

Identify restrictions based on region. As with most countries, data privacy is extremely important and compliance protocol must be adhered to. In some cases, data must remain local.

Recognize that not all methodologies or solutions are a good fit. As some clients look to transition from phone to online, it is necessary to fully understand the project scope and cultural nuances, as participation rates vary by country; some are much less likely to respond to an email invitation.

Research execution is critical. Using our global network, Oscar has conducted multiple international projects for financial and wealth management firms in several Asian and African countries.

“Understanding the necessity of meeting the diverse needs of our clients, our team of experts specializes in combining multiple innovative methodologies in order to better add value and insights to our studies.”