The Logit Group has adopted two data quality tools from Research Defender, MR’s premier technology to address online sample validation and response integrity.

Logit has integrated Research Defender’s /SEARCH product to detect survey bots and prevent duplicate respondents from entering a survey by using a respondent’s digital fingerprint. This tool also works with additional services in the fraud prevention ecosystem to protect against respondents associated with fraudulent activity in Market Research, Ad Tech, Retail, and other industries.

Additionally, Logit will also use the /ACTIVITY product to eliminate professional survey takers, as well as those with a history of poor responses as it tracks respondents’ activity across the entire Market Research ecosystem. 

“Logit’s partnership with Research Defender is the latest in a series of commitments we’ve made for providing our client-partners the best possible online data quality,” says Sam Pisani, Managing Partner. “Based on our requirements, Research Defender quickly became our clear technology choice.”

Vignesh Krishnan, Research Defender’s Founder & CEO remarks, “We are pleased to work with the Logit Group, who from the outset stressed that they want to provide greater data security for their clients. Our ability to be an independent partner in the research process proved to be integral to our capabilities.”