The Logit Group is your one-stop solution for qualitative project execution and management around the world.

Dependability, time-saving and consistent first-class service is what you can expect when working with our global team of high-level
professionals who have mastered the art of qualitative research.

Logit has a strategic project feasibility approach, offering high-level guidance on recruitment specifications including demographics such as population, local requirements, and customs.

Our collaborative and innovative team provides tailored solutions to meet your needs and expectations. We pull out all stops to ensure your qualitative project is successful from start to finish. Our comprehensive qualitative methodology toolbox encompasses all possible project needs.

Logit always recruits from vetted databases, using a selection of seasoned interviewers who screen and vet each respondent, with multiple points of contact from interviewers.We handle all aspects for recruitment from screening to scheduling to reminders to incentive handling.

To learn more about our qualitative research services, reach out to our bids team.