With 15 years of experience in the market research industry, Kirsten Tkach has observed many evolutions and changes — some seismic, and some more nuanced.

Now as a Project Manager with Logit, Kirsten has taken what she’s seen and learned and applied it to several different sectors, including focus groups, sample-only and healthcare studies.

“The industry is always innovating, always moving, always expanding,” she says. “It’s amazing to witness how everything has been growing and evolving over the years.”

One of Kirsten’s passions is questionnaire design — everything from formatting the questions themselves to troubleshooting the programming.

“I’m a very detailed-oriented person,” she says, “and I enjoy going through the testing phase with a fine-toothed comb so that clients are happy right from the start of a project.”

Getting a sneak peek at new products and services — as well as adopting new technologies like heatmaps — is also a big part of why Kirsten enjoys being a part of the MR industry.

“It’s rewarding to work on something that either hasn’t hit the market yet or is just developing,” she says, “and seeing how people respond to it or how its purpose is revealed to them.”

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