After nearly 25 years in market research, Dan Hamill is more convinced than ever that it’s the people that drive the industry’s progress forward.

“For what we do, performance is a measure of an individual,” he says, “and if you don’t have the right individuals, there’s nothing to measure.”

Logit’s B2C Manager, Field Operations oversees project flow and shift design at our call centres — both in-office and remote — and ensures staff hours and resources are allocated properly.

“Regardless of the number of projects or people involved, everybody needs to be on the same page,” he says, “and it’s up to our team collectively to keep daily goals achievable.”

When Dan began managing field operations with Logit, the office staff was predominantly a work-from-home group, with some in-person staff. When the COVID-19 pandemic and forced many workplaces into a remote environment, his team was prepared.

“Having that previous experience made the transition much easier,” he says, “and training a team that was used to that type of environment made the process significantly more seamless.”

For Dan, it’s the challenge of execution that excites him about the market research space; taking the people, the data and the technology of the day to generate actionable insights and business value.

“The sales aspect of our job is about selling our legitimacy,” he says. “People will always have a fundamental need for information, and as our industry evolves, it will require a stronger base held up by more human hands.”

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