Sakshi Nagpal has always been intrigued by numbers, having come from a background in statistical physics.

Now as a Project Coordinator, Sakshi gets to see those numbers in action.

“Collecting data and doing something with it to gain meaning and derive value from it, that fascinates me,” she says.

Sakshi joined the Logit team in 2020 and now assists with the internal management of the PM team, testing questionnaires, managing panels and interacting with clients.

Learning from team members and handling projects helps PCs like Sakshi transition into becoming Project Managers.

“You learn something and PMs get the help they need, so it’s a win-win situation,” she says.

“Receiving the trust to try out different aspects of the role, that gives you confidence.”

Sakshi also gets to witness Logit’s innovative approach to market research firsthand, seeing more interactive and responsive surveys being created, as well as more sophisticated visualization options.

“What we do makes an impact on every industry,” she says, “and when we see the results of our projects out in the world, clearly we know the research is working.”

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