Qualitative research is experiencing a digital transformation, and Jay Thordarson is at the forefront of this innovation.

Joining the team in 2021 as a practicing qual researcher, Jay has leveraged his extensive experience to bolster Logit’s offerings in the qual and in-person space.

“It’s not just about the raw numbers,” Jay says, “but it’s also about the human aspect and the meaningful discussions that come from the research itself.”

For Jay, the quality of respondents is of the utmost importance; a MR company dealing with recruitment challenges can affect the viability of a project.

“Without top-level respondents on a qual project,” Jay says, “it’s nearly impossible for a moderator to drive the conversation forward and collect valuable insights.”

That’s why Jay is deeply involved in vetting and recruiting respondents as well as engaging with new technology and innovative methods — everything from digital ethnographies to virtual shop-alongs to in-depth behavioral analysis of respondents.

These methods allow qual and in-person research to be conducted seamlessly while better understanding modern consumer intent, especially in the tech-focused and highly coveted 18 to 24 demographic.

“There’s so much coming at that group in terms of attention,” Jay says, “that we need to engage with them in more visual ways, as opposed to simple questions and a link to a survey.”

Jay’s enthusiasm for all aspects of qualitative research has energized the Logit team, and it’s a constant reminder of what he enjoys about the industry as a whole.

“Seeing complex projects through from beginning to end, with unique audiences coming together, that’s the most rewarding part for me.”

For more on Jay’s work, contact us today.