Whether it’s a global academic study or customer satisfaction work, Kristie Harris enjoys the variety and complexity of her role as Senior Project Manager.

“I like being given more challenging problems to solve,” she says, “and having my hands in a bit of everything keeps things interesting.”

For Kristie, seeing the full journey from raw data collection to global insights is what makes it all worthwhile.

“I’m a big-picture person,” she says, “and the projects I’m most passionate about are the ones where I can see the work is making an impact on the world around me.”

Based on the East Coast of Canada, Kristie oversees a wide range of MR sectors and methodologies — from CATI to online to medical studies — and has witnessed how technology has played a role in the advancement of market research as an industry.

“Using new tools and seeing how things trend globally allows me to see patterns that aren’t necessarily unique to where I happen to be,” she says, “and that gives me a more comprehensive outlook on my job.”

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