Agnes Klich: A Company with a Good Heart

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When Agnes Klich was asked to describe The Logit Group, she did not hesitate with her answer. “Logit is a company with a good heart.” The answer comes easy for our Vice President, Project Management, as she witnesses the heart of the company on a daily basis. Agnes began working [...]

Oscar Fernandes on international CSAT projects

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We're highlighting the expertise of Oscar Fernandes, VP of Sales & Client Services at Logit. Oscar has been with us for six years and carries over 25 years of experience in Market Research. Here are his insights on international Voice-of-Customer/CSAT projects: Depending on the project requirements, while utilizing various methodologies [...]

Canadians mixed about drug decriminalization

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November 26 2020: In light of changes recently made to certain American states’ rules around the criminality of possession of certain hard drugs, we asked Canadians in our recent survey whether they would support or oppose such a change to decriminalize hard drugs north of the border. Support is mixed, [...]

Canadian’s want improvement in long-term care

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A systemic review of long-term care facilities, notably in terms of management and level of staffing, is considered paramount.  September 2, 2020 With many long-term care facilities across the Country having been severely impacted by COVID-19, Canadian residents were asked to what extent attention needs to be afforded to this [...]

Americans not optimistic about vaccine

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Once available, only two thirds anticipate that they will personally get the vaccination. August 31, 2020 With considerable efforts underway to develop and test a vaccination for COVID-19, Americans were asked how confident they are that a vaccine will be available to the public before the end of 2020. Only [...]