Anne Arzaga had a good feeling about joining Logit right from the initial interview in early 2020.

It quickly became a conversation that broke from the standard interview questions, and that sparked her interest.

“It was actually a fun interview,” Anne says, “and I had a really good feeling leaving the interview.”

Anne joined Logit from the Research Analyst program at Humber College in Toronto and became a Project Coordinator after completing her program.

She describes her role as “the internal project manager” — taking on responsibilities for managing the internal workings of the PM department, while also preparing for future projects as she continues to grow in her role.

Anne has long held a deep passion for research, and her time at Logit has helped reinforce her desire to follow a career path in market research.

“It’s fun to me,” Anne says. “I like uncovering data and connecting the dots to create a full picture and turn it into something that has a purpose.”

Now, Anne is an integral part of a team that’s always willing to help and empower each other to get to the destination together through innovation and togetherness.

“From day one, everyone was welcoming and accommodating, and the focus on growing in the position is great,” Anne says. “I always feel supported.”