The past year and a half has presented a number of challenges for all of us. For Logit’s field operations team, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant remote staff training, extra efforts towards ensuring employee engagement, as well as meeting compliance and QA standards.

David Attard, Senior Vice President of Field Operations, has seen his team rise to every challenge and meet project demand, even amid one of the busiest stretches in company history.

“Certainly, no one expected this given the initial economic concerns when the pandemic began,” David says, “but we’ve rallied and reacted positively.”

David and his team pride themselves on their ability to take on projects that were deemed too difficult by other organizations and achieve success.

“Our motto is: Let’s take a closer look, let’s find a way to make this work for our customer.”

Having served many roles since joining Logit in its early days, David now acts as the bridge between field operations and clients, taking the 1000-foot view on ongoing projects and negotiations.

From a field operations perspective, David is focused on more SMS integration with CATI in the months and years ahead, while always taking stock of the shifting landscape with respect to cell phone usage versus landlines. Understanding the nuances of local and national regulations is also top-of-mind, to ensure project quotas are met.

And from the client side of things, David is proud of his team’s rapid reaction time to project challenges.

“Time and time again we’ve delivered for our clients,” David says. “Our immediacy and responsiveness are what set us apart.”

To learn more about David’s work or how Logit can help with your next project, contact us today.