David Sharpe has seen the Programming department at Logit grow from a handful of team members — and early on, even less than that — to a fully-staffed and well-oiled group of programmers and data analysts.

“The team is stronger now than we’ve ever been,” he says, “and that’s afforded me the time and infrastructure to leverage my own strengths.”

His strategy as a Programmer is to be an “automator”: to make work processes as quick and seamless as possible.

“For me it’s all about building efficiencies,” David says, “and constantly seeking better ways to get the job done.”

That said, David recognizes where automation can be a useful tool in the market research industry, and where it can be a hindrance.

“Our industry likes technology, but broadly speaking, it doesn’t seem to understand it,” he says.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform MR as we know it, by relying on pattern-matching to find answers and deploy mechanisms without much human intervention.

But David says there will always be a need for the human element in market research — just like any other industry — when it comes to how data is interpreted and how business value is derived.

“The more we rely on storytelling and build our processes around that framework, the less it gets automatable, and that results in richer data and insights for our clients.”

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