Disha Chudasama has always been interested in data, joining Logit in 2019 with a background in computer science and engineering.

“It’s a perfect fit for me,” she says, “and I’m able to apply my skill set to surveys and focus groups to draw valuable conclusions from our market research data.”

As a Data Analyst, Disha ensures that all study details are accounted for, and runs tests when studies are out of field, prepping the final data according to client needs.

It’s in those data checks where Disha observes market research insights in their purest form, like uncut diamonds.

“When I run tabulations, I can see the correlations between things like survey demographics and age groups,” she says, “and it’s interesting to me how variables like survey layout, visuals and the order of questions can affect responses.”

Disha’s team of data analysts and programmers stays up to date with the latest industry technology, while also looking ahead to how tools like machine learning can boost productivity.

“We’re continuously innovating,” she says, “and as we evolve, we’re better positioned to find efficiencies, optimize performance, and provide value to our clients.”

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