For Gillian Robinson, every day at Logit is different, but it’s also what stays the same that keeps her going.

As Director, Field Services, Gillian’s role is always shifting, from overseeing field projects to coaching team leaders to performing payroll and administrative tasks.

“I try to be a resource for everyone in field services,” Gillian says.

The variety of tasks is what she enjoys most: she can be on a finance call in the morning, then analyzing projects in the afternoon, and meeting with team members in the evening.

It’s the team that is a constant for Gillian — having started with what would eventually become Logit as a phone interviewer at the age of 16, she’s formed a strong bond with the rest of her field services group.

“We get along really well,” she says, “we have a lot of complementary skills to each other, and we enjoy what we do.”

With an educational background in behavioural neuroscience and geographic information systems, Gillian has always been a numbers person, picking apart project data and looking to not only understand the underlying research, but being able to teach others how to understand it.

“It’s about instilling a passion for data in people I work with,” she says.

That allows Gillian to also focus on problem solving within the department. In a time where budgetary constraints often mean a client’s research budget is the first thing to go, her team is always finding creative solutions and utilizing the tools at their disposal — from maps to StatsCan data to everything in between.

“We have to be constantly proving our relevance,” Gillian says, “and offering extra value wherever we can through innovation and technology.”