When asked to describe her role as Project Manager, Gurpreet Kaur summed it up neatly in one word: diplomat.

“I make sure that everyone’s happy, both internally and externally,” she says, “and I liaise between the team and client to ensure the job is completed.”

Gurpreet joined Logit in 2018 out of the Humber College Research Analyst program, and almost immediately jumped into the Project Manager role, after completing her internship as a Project Coordinator.

She credits the other members of her department and her colleagues on the programming and data teams for helping her get her bearings on several Logit legacy accounts.

“We minimized all chances of failure,” she says, “and without them, I don’t think it would have been possible for me to be successful.”

Gurpreet is an advocate of ongoing learning in her role, constantly interacting with core Logit members to better understand their roles in order to work together more cohesively.

“At Logit, you learn from the top and from everywhere,” she says, “and that culture of learning is beneficial to everyone.”

For Gurpreet, getting the job done is extra meaningful when the challenge is great.

“The payoff is always worth it,” she says, “because you’ve learned important lessons and the achievement is therefore so much better. Those are the wins you live for.”

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