For more than 25 years, Hamish Brailey has been all about problem solving and delivering top-quality solutions from the field operations side of market research.

“Resolving issues, developing new processes and figuring out new ways to execute our work, those are the things I enjoy most,” he says.

While the COVID-19 pandemic presented some unprecedented challenges to Logit’s field operations team, Hamish is confident that renewed collaboration efforts and enhanced technology additions helped the team successfully meet those challenges.

“We were able to add more efficiencies to the system to build on what we had,” he says, “and that’s allowed us to provide quicker response times and adjust in real time.”

“Plus, giving end user agents a better experience helps improve our overall final product, which means we can expect to remain in a really strong position for 2022 and beyond.”

As Logit’s Vice President, Field Operations, Hamish is proud to be spearheading that type of innovation for his department and has made that a priority over his quarter century with the team.

“We can do things now that we couldn’t before,” he says, “and it’s been rewarding to give our staff members the ability to do their jobs effectively in less than optimal situations.”

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