Laura Franklin’s career in market research has come full circle.

She holds the distinction of being the first placement student from Humber College’s Research Analyst program to join Logit in 2014.

Seven years later, Laura is now Director, Project Management, and trains new team members — including those from Humber — while managing a project portfolio of her own.

Laura enjoys the dual role of keeping her skills fresh by working alongside staff projects, while staying connected to the Humber program through training and guest talks.

As a result, she can happily debunk the old saying: Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.

“In order to teach something, you really have to know it,” she says.

Laura has had a lot of support along the way — including learning firsthand from Logit’s managing partners — and pays it forward by mentoring her colleagues as well as creating training documents as a resource.

“As we grow, it’s critical to use our knowledge and technological advances to streamline our internal processes,” she says. “Everyone has their own unique experiences and skillsets, and drawing on that provides a lot of business value.”

Laura also sees her efforts come to fruition beyond the boardroom and classroom.

“Whether it’s at the grocery store, the airport or at the polling stations, the data we collect creates action and we see the results of that in the real world.”

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