During her two years in the market research industry, Natalia Giraldo has been able to strike a delicate balance between anticipating the needs of both clients and her team members, and not making assumptions simply based on previous experience.

“It’s all about navigating expectations and listening to a client’s desires,” our Project Manager says, “while also knowing what our team is able to do and tailoring that to the project’s needs.”

Natalia enjoys that mediator-type role, as well as addressing challenges before they arise through relationship building.

“It’s important that we’re able to explain how and why we take specific approaches and make recommendations based on our capabilities,” she says.

Natalia uses her “photographic memory” to not only meet and exceed expectations by taking a tailored and personal approach to client work, but also to achieve a nuanced perspective on the industry as a whole.

“I love seeing the use of market research to make larger impacts on people’s views and following how those views change in real time.”

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