No matter the industry, sticking with what’s comfortable and familiar is something of which we’re all guilty at times.

For Rachel Tile, she makes a concerted effort to always be innovating — even when things are running smoothly — and refining Logit’s research execution processes.

“Just because we’ve done things a certain way, it doesn’t mean we can’t find other ways to do it better,” she says, “while still maintaining our high standards.”

Our Senior Project Manager joined Logit in late 2019, after working closely with our PMs as an end client. Rachel’s familiarity with Logit’s inner workings meant she was able to dive into one of the largest studies in company history right away.

“It was an interesting way to learn things,” she says, “and it made it easier to fully understand the platform’s capabilities.”

Now, Rachel emphasizes inter-department and cross-department communication, championing collaboration to ensure all team members are operating efficiently and sharing their findings to benefit everyone.

“When we’re all working as a system, it enables all of us to be our best and most confident selves,” she says.

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