For Shauna Tran, every day is different, and every project has its own unique set of data points and challenges.

So it’s no surprise that Shauna’s role as Client Success Manager is a multi-faceted one.

Like many Logit employees, Shauna got her start in the Research Analyst program at Humber College and completed her internship in May of 2017. From there, she became a Project Coordinator before moving to Project Manager, and is now a trusted and reliable source when it comes to Logit’s proprietary consumer, B2B and multicultural panels.

As Client Success Manager, Shauna acts as a consultative resource to establish strategic relationships and set critical performance goals, while also training peers and clients on how to best leverage panel data for projects.

“I feel a sense of pride when I see our panel data being used to tell the stories of North Americans and provide value for colleagues and partners,” Shauna says.

In addition, this level of hands-on experience gives her a unique and constantly evolving perspective on the market research industry and Logit’s innovative approach to research execution.

“I’m always learning new things about market research,” Shauna says, “especially regarding how people’s mindsets change as time goes on and priorities shift.”

For more on Shauna’s work and Logit’s proprietary panels, contact us today.