Since joining Logit in 2012, Stephanie Reid has taken a “leave no stone unturned” approach to her role as Senior Project Manager.

That means getting as much information as possible from the clients — right at the outset of a project — in order to keep everyone informed and satisfied.

“The devil is in the details,” she says, “and being detail-oriented allows everyone to sleep well at night.”

Stephanie’s world is largely on the in-person side of market research — including focus groups, mall intercepts and other qualitative studies — which has perhaps been the area of the industry that has been most directly impacted by COVID-19.

“We’ve seen virtual focus groups rise in popularity during the pandemic,” she says, “and while in-person studies will still happen, the onus is on us to provide better incentives to make the studies more enticing and worthwhile.”

And whether in-person or virtually, the path to success in Stephanie’s role remains the same: keep it simple, be flexible, and be responsive.

“When I’m able to take the initiative to anticipate challenges and stay a step or two ahead,” she says, “that helps studies run more smoothly and keeps clients happy.”

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