If there is a member of the Logit Group that most embodies the “Bet on Yourself” mentality — championed by Toronto Raptors star guard Fred van Vleet — it is Steve Male.

In less than five years, Steve has risen through the ranks at Logit, and now holds the title of VP of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships.

As the head of this new division, Steve will continue his mission of driving innovation, optimizing and expanding our technologically-driven array of MR products and services, and establishing mutually successful partnerships with other MR and technology solutions providers.

Even before this recent promotion, Steve’s efforts have always focused on creative ways to save time, lower costs and increase efficiency for clients and colleagues alike.

“The world is a lot more competitive now,” Steve says. “If your organization isn’t willing to do things better and smarter, another company will.”

An eager consumer of business books, he’s identified two key traits for success: perseverance, and willingness to learn new things.

“I’ve always believed in creating a better version of myself,” Steve says.

For Steve, a leadership role means being a connector — accumulating knowledge while being a gateway to that knowledge both internally and externally is how he adds value.

Part of Steve’s new role will be to look ahead to the future of the market research industry, and he sees several areas where Logit can gain a competitive edge, through storytelling, data visualization, dashboarding and other innovative strategies.

“Data collection is a commodity, but research execution means adding layers of analysis and nuance to fully understand the target audience, so that ultimately it’s their stories that are being told.” Steve says.

And with the advent of more passive data collection opportunities on the horizon — through avenues like smart-home technology and social media — it’s even more imperative that MR firms explore new ways to gather more truthful and less biased insights.

To learn more about Steve’s work or how Logit can help with your next project, contact us today.