For Chris Connolly, our Vice President of Research Services, success is learning what people want, and doing what he needs to do to make it happen.

It seems like a simple concept, but a lot goes into making that concept into a reality; Chris is committed to that followthrough.

Having built strategic international partnerships and been involved with the execution of hundreds of research projects, Chris knows what it takes to become a champion for both his clients and his colleagues. “I like to connect with other people through respect,” he explains. “You get what you give.”

And Chris has given a lot since joining Logit in May of 2018. Based out of the tech-oriented state of Colorado, he is on top of emerging trends to best serve clients, including bridging gaps by offering clients the best products to achieve their goals.

However, it’s not just Logit that recognizes his contributions; the international market research community has as well. In 2019, he was named as a Director-at-Large of the Southwest Chapter of Insights Association and was recently voted in as Vice President. In this new position, Chris is determined to be involved with giving back to the community, which will include developing educational opportunities and more outreach for students to get better informed in the industry.

But for his day-to-day, Chris continues to offer creative solutions by acting as a liaison between Logit and clients; this helps everyone achieve their needs. “We succeed when we succeed as a team,” Chris acknowledges, noting that it really does take everyone to make a project work. “I lead, but I also listen.”

As a research market firm, Logit are the experts in knowing how to supply information, but ultimately, the client is the one who knows what they need. Chris believes that being client-oriented, allowing their needs to drive the conversation, while he fills in the gaps with Logit tools and his own instincts and ingenuity, makes for a partnership of success.

This needs-driven style of communication allows him to be nimble and reactive, with the ability to steer products and services with the precision of a boat, rather than the generality of a ship.

It’s this agility that makes Logit a leader in the market research space. And it’s people like Chris who continue to build our offerings to support our clients’ needs.

To speak to Chris or anyone at Logit about your next research project, contact us today.