A sure-fire way to get the full picture on how an organization runs best: wearing many hats and dipping your toes into the different facets of operations.

That’s the approach that Syed Ahsan has taken, and it’s served him well in his career with Logit.

Syed started as an interviewer, then worked in field operations before joining the project management team, and now has a sales-facing role as Director, Client Accounts.

“You get to appreciate the people doing the work behind the scenes,” Syed says, “and set us up to have success.”

A lot of Syed’s current role focuses on looking ahead and determining how Logit can adapt to an ever-changing market research landscape. With sectors like phone research and political polling reaching a tipping point in terms of demographic participation rates and accuracy respectively, Syed believes using technology like AI and adding more nuance can help to gather respondents’ opinions more effectively.

“The role of the market research industry is to gauge what people are thinking,” Syed says, “and the ways to do that are going to change. That’s inevitable.”

Fortunately, Syed whole-heartedly embraces the challenge of improving performance, and adds there’s an element of thrill not only in the subject matter, but in delivering a project that satisfies the needs of clients.

And he shares that success with his team members, who he’s developed a closeness with over the years, trusting in their support and strong work ethic.

“It’s an exciting time because we’re involved in shaping an industry,” Syed says. “It’s all about hustle, but that hustle never needs to be said.”