Tim Sinke describes his role as Logit’s Chief Operating Officer as “bringing people and process together in a research environment”.

As client and industry needs are constantly changing, it’s imperative that market research companies remain focused on meeting timelines to bring technology-driven solutions to the marketplace, while also shortening product development times.

“The ground is shifting beneath our feet,” Tim says, “and we are constantly asking how we can achieve more, and better deliver against client objectives.”

His goal, then, from an operations perspective, is to choose the right path, and funnel resources, time, and investment into seeing that process through to the end.

Since becoming COO in 2016, Tim has helped position Logit to rapidly respond to evolving MR marketplace needs, put the right staff in the right place to maximize success, and anticipate both internal and external needs to offer quality-driven and cost-effective solutions.

“Faster, cheaper, better,” Tim says, “We have demonstrated that with the right people and a focus on excellence in all areas of the business we can accomplish all three.

He also assists with client service and acts as a subject matter expert and internal consultant when needed, while continuing to take the pulse of the business and support the other managing partners.

For Tim, the moments of personal satisfaction come when operational challenges are met, and when he sees significant professional growth in his team.

“That’s how I know we’re building bigger and better.” To learn more about Tim’s process — or how Logit can help with your next project — contact us today.