Before Victoria Gobbo began her journey into the market research industry, she studied evolution on the social research side of things — complete with a poster of Charles Darwin on her wall.

Now as a Project Coordinator for Logit, she gets to witness how her role within the industry — and the industry itself — evolves on a daily basis.

“I like how my hands are in everything,” Victoria says, “and as I absorb more information, I get a chance to be involved in all aspects, from data and programming to external and internal communications.”

Victoria enjoys the everyday challenge of the role and drawing a connection between what she does and the research itself.

“It keeps things thrilling that there’s something new every day,” she says, “while understanding the process behind everything, and knowing what it takes to move things forward.”

Whether it’s testing a new product or service internally to gather feedback or seeing the results of research projects out in the world, Victoria is excited to reap the benefits for the Logit team and clients alike.

“Market research is a risk mitigator,” she says, “and as new products are released and new methodologies are used, it becomes critical to communicate collective feedback and determine a strong path forward.”

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