Yvonne Dela Doe-Demosse: Humber Scholarship

2022-03-18T20:16:18+00:00March 18, 2021|Information, Marketing|

We are honored to congratulate Yvonne Dela Doe-Demosse as the second recipient of our Humber College Research Analyst BIPOC scholarship. Yvonne feels she’s “on the right path” since receiving the scholarship, and tells us how her time at Humber has prepared her to enter the market research industry. https://youtu.be/QGw0R_5wOWE   [...]

Marwo Nour: Humber College BIPOC Scholarship

2022-03-18T20:18:27+00:00February 25, 2021|General, Information|

We’re thrilled to congratulate Marwo Nour, the first recipient of our Humber College Research Analyst BIPOC scholarship. Marwo wants to research and address issues related to social and health inequities - specifically for BIPOC and those of low socioeconomic status. She is also currently on a placement with CAMH on [...]

Victor Lindo: Enthusiasm and Curiosity

2022-03-18T20:20:13+00:00February 11, 2021|Business, Information, Technology|

If you need something fixed, Victor Lindo is on the case. As Logit’s Vice President, Data Management, Victor does more than just oversee programming and data (though he does that too); he’s the one to call to make things work. “They usually put me where there’s problems,” Victor jokes. However, [...]