Brian Dizon has only been with Logit for a year or so, but he’s quickly become an integral part of the programming team, which he calls a “well-oiled machine”.

As Manager of Programming, Brian leads the department while also supporting other divisions when needed.

“Helping others see successful results is very important to me,” Brian says, “and there are many opportunities to do that here at Logit.”

Brian also enjoys working directly on programming projects in order to keep that machine operating at peak levels.

“A good leader not only stands back and observes but is right in there with their team,” Brian says, “and that’s exactly what I do.”

Taking the 30,000-foot view is another key component of the role — Brian is constantly looking for new ways and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to make Logit’s research execution strategies even more efficient.

But he also recognizes that even a well-oiled machine needs support and maintenance, and is more than just the sum of its parts.

“I’m proud to say that I’m part of a team with highly talented and hard-working individuals,” Brian says. “Logit shows continued support and appreciation for everyone, and it just feels great.”